Brass Smelting

‘Delaton Foundry is led by the third generation of a family of smelters. Clearly devoted for the metallurgy industry, specifically the art of casting.’
  Delaton Artistic Foundry was created with a clear goal: satisfy the needs of our clients and partners.

We are a company based on experience and professionalism, we stand out over our competitors for our responsiveness, efficiency and commitment. Therefore, we could say that thanks to our human team, Delaton Artistic Foundry, is a foundry founded on satisfying the needs of a client of the XXII century.

  For this we rely on values like flexibility at the production line, the autonomy of our employees and our respect for the environment.

Over the years at the foundry, we have been exploring new areas of the business. This evolution led us to the implementation of a complete mechanized workshop, as well as a polished department and a mould department.

Even though, it’s necessary to state that even today, our core business is the foundry of non-ferrous material, having the brass as our main core. Moreover, in our facilities we smelt other materials such as Aluminium (Al), Bronzes, Zamak or Zink.

To reach the maximum satisfaction of our clients, our philosophy bets on the improvement of our technology when it’s profitable—as the benefits are immediate— and to improve the organization in other cases. We believe the maximum efficiency is only reached with the best technology improvements and the optimization of our organization.


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