Chill casting and injection of non-ferrous metals

Delaton Artistic Foundry is a family business dedicated to the smelting and the machining of non-ferrous material pieces, particularly brass.

‘Delaton Foundry is led by the third generation of a family of smelters. Clearly devoted for the metallurgy industry, specifically the art of casting.’

We are a company based on experience and professionalism, we stand out over our competitors for our responsiveness, efficiency and commitment. Therefore, we could say that thanks to our human team, Delaton Artistic Foundry, is a foundry founded on satisfying the needs of a client of the XXII century.


Chill casting and injection of non-ferrous metals

We are manufacturers of ideas, production technicians, experts in the art of smelting.

Delaton provides guidance to all of our clients. We inform and advise to conduct a project in the best possible manner. Therefore, this is translated to a continued follow-up of each of our clients so we can satisfy their needs. No matter how difficult it is, we offer a professional service of pieces manufacturing made to order to any type of industry or need.

We can use any material needed based on copper(Cu), Aluminium (Al), Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb).