What we do


Development and manufacture of Molds

We have a complete machining workshop, equipped with machinery fully prepared for the development, repair or manufacture of any type of mold.

Gravity die casting

In this section we offer to our clients the possibility to manufacture their own moulds, whether by casting or injection. Moulds are exclusive property of the client. Therefore, the mould is delivered at the end of production.


We offer the client the possibility of having their pieces with sandblasted finish.


In this section we polish and smooth the piece to leave it with a shiny finish. The pieces are delivered without any visual or physical flaw.


We have the precision equipment to mechanize any piece manufactured with non-ferrous materials. Whether they be big or small series, we always delivered with a common denominator: quality.

Assembly and testing

Tenemos maquinaria de precisión que nos permite mecanizar cualquier pieza fabricada con materiales no férreos. Ya sean grandes o pequeñas series pero siempre con un denominador común, la calidad.

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