Mission and Values

Our mission

Delaton mission is based on design and manufacturing of high quality products, functional, high reliability and with the most advanced and innovative technology of the industry.


The constant search of excellence, sought for all the human team in Delaton Artistic Foundry, allows the reassurance of the finest quality in the products we market as well as the efficiency and attention requested by our client.

Ethical conduct
Customer orientation


We ensure the opportunities of development based on merit and professional contribution
We devotedly commit to security, teamwork, foster participation and motivation to all of us to reach a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.
We work with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect to people. Promote constant improvements and innovations to reach the maximum quality based on profitability.
We focus our attention on the client offering competitive and high quality solutions.



Quality means to give value to our client, which is, to offer conditions of use or service far superior to the ones expected at a reasonable price.
‘Delaton Artistic Foundry use, exclusively, materials that can provide an added value to the final product.’


‘Moreover, when we speak of quality, we refer of minimizing the losses that a product can cause to the human society, showing the company interest on the client’s satisfaction as well as caring for the environment.’


Our quality control is performed following the International Laws: UNE, DIN, AFNOR, ASTM, BS, UNI, ISO, always focusing on the client’s specifications.

 All materials used by Delaton Artistic Foundry are followed by their QC certificate, guarantee of our products.

Quality is our main goal, hence the start in our path to the European system: ISO-9001:2000 and  ISO 14001:96.

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